Emerging out of the neon lights of Las Vegas, SILVERSAGE creates a unique blend of alternative pop/rock and some hint of trap vibes.

Despite being relatively recent newcomers to the music scene, the amazing musicians of SILVERSAGE sound like they’ve time-travelled from the pop-punk and synth-pop scenes of the early 21st century, and adapted cutting edge modern production to create their brilliant sound.


Their recent “Level Up” EP is fueled by powerful pop vocal melodies that recall the styles of their hometown heroes, Panic! At The Disco and Imagine Dragons. Instrumentally, their rock based sound with trap/edm elements keep their style fresh and relatable for a wide variety of listeners. Energetic yet emotional guitar lines are spread throughout the EP, providing a reminder that they cited The Killers as an influence. There are only 6 songs here, but the 5 creative gurus of the band make them all count, and the sense of familiarity when hearing them for the first time is as much due to sharp songwriting as the wearing of influences on their sleeves.


The EP starts off strong as ever with All the Way at the forefront. Can You Feel and HaHa! are packed with dramatic hooks, the latter perfectly encapsulating SILVERSAGE’s appeal. Another Lie is both the longest tune and the most ambitious, packing a host of different soulful emotions into four and a half minutes, before Live for Tonight and Break Free both wave goodbye in chanty finale anthem fashion. “Level Up” is quite the introduction to a very promising band for all new listeners.