Parker Pratt is an up-and-coming singer/song writer currently based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Soothing and soulful are the first words that come to mind while listening to “Think About It”, an acoustic song released by Utah based singer/songwriter Parker Pratt. It’s refreshing to hear a song that is so simple yet so tastefully composed and thought through, where every aspect of the song vividly paints a picture in your mind.


Within the lyrics of “Think About It”, Parker weaves stories specific to him, but general enough for the rest of us to fill in our own blanks. He tells a heart-wrenching breakup story in both real time and hindsight, so that listeners remember the lessons, losses, and legacies of their own individual and collective experiences.


Parker Pratt is a skilled artist who can flat-out sing, with a calming but powerful voice that is both soft and emotionally captivating. In “Think About It” he also showcases his ability to write guitar parts and vocal melodies that will stay stuck in your head for days.


This single really illustrates how Parker has improved his sound since his debut release, “Space”, in May of 2019. He will undoubtedly continue to broaden his own musical horizons in the near future as he releases even more amazing music!


Think About it Album Cover.JPG