Jeff Maul, better known as Mirror Gaze, is a multi-instrumentalist and singer from South Jersey who is currently making waves in the local music scene.

Mirror Gaze's musical style is one that is very easy for me to listen to. The spacey guitars, soothing vocals and chill drum beats make for a relaxing, but still emotional and intriguing listening experience.


His new EP "Collection", features four stellar tracks that are unified in that feely indie rock vibe, however each song is unique in its own way and brings something specific to the album as a whole.

The artwork for the EP also sets a distinct atmosphere for the music. It shows Mirror Gaze (a.k.a. Jeff Maul) sitting on a boardwalk railing with a ferris wheel behind him as well as a beautiful hazy green sky. It sets the tone well for a light and fun yet deep and even surreal auditory adventure.

I'm very impressed by Mirror Gaze's new EP and I'm intrigued to see what music he releases in the future. Without a doubt his signature sound will only be developed more and more from where it already is now as he continues to put out new material.


Mirror Gaze Collections EP