Joseph Murphy a.k.a. Radical Boy talks with Rising Music Artists about his creative process and artist identity.

RMA: Hey everyone today we have Joe Murphy, better known as Radical Boy, here for an exclusive interview with RMA. To start off, explain to me what this project "Radical Boy" is all about in your own words.

RADICAL BOY: So honestly, this is going to sound really corny, but I don't look at Radical Boy as as a project. I kind of look at it like an alter ego in the sense that it's the part of me, as a Pisces, needs to let out a lot of emotion. It's an outlet to get whatever that emotion is that I'm feeling out. Something conflicting about it though is that as soon as I make something, I just want to release the music immediately but as you know, you have to market it in order for it to reach an audience and take time before the release to send it out.

RMA: What musical style are you wanting to stick to? From from what I've heard of your stuff it sounds like you aren't limited at all by genres. It seems like you are just kind of, like you said, trying to let whatever you feel like expressing out just exactly how it is in your head with no inhibitions.

RADICAL BOY: So when I started Radical Boy, I did kind of have a specific sound in mind for it. That's why my Spotify bio says something like my style has "punchy synths and is guitar driven". I was going to go for like an 80's vibe, very The 1975 influenced which is noticeable in my song "Like a Movie". "Necklace" was one I kind of just released because people wanted it but generally speaking I did have a very specific sound in mind. I've worked with a bunch of different artists in the past and I liked what we would work on, but now I have something new I want to put out into the world.

RMA: Tell me a little about how you made "Like a Movie". I understand you completely self-produce your stuff as well so what all went into it instrumentally and from a production standpoint?

RADICAL BOY: For that song I was able to get a very vintage overall sound without recording audio out of like a vintage synth or anything like that. Production-wise I mainly used VSTs. I try to use Serum for just about everything basically from from basses to synths to pads because it's really versatile. I started the song just messing around with some chords and then I messed around with the effects a little bit. Then, the drums for the song came next and they were just super simple.

RMA: Okay so here's the BIG question though. If you had to describe Radical Boy using only 5 emojis, which emojis would they be.

RADICAL BOY: Oh wow. Okay. Uhh probably first is the one with the smiley face and the hands out 🤗, then the one where it's the face that's drooling but out of happiness 🤤. After that is just the poop emoji 💩, the peace sign ✌️, and then the glitter emoji ✨.


RMA: So I know you use a lot of different instruments and sounds in your music. Going forward from here, and probably after COVID is done, how will you go about performing your stuff live?

RADICAL BOY: So because of COVID I haven't really had to think about this too much. I think I probably wouldn't have a live band or anything because Radical Boy is meant to be an expression of just me. It would most likely just be a solo performance. One of my professors, Ben Runyan (a.k.a. City Rain), is a huge inspiration to me and he has done performances with just a microphone, guitar and keyboard. I think I will go about it doing something similar, and I mean if rappers and singers are able to do solo performances like that why couldn't I with my music?

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