Aubrey 2n

Aubrey Toone is a rising contemporary singer/song writer based in Philadelphia, PA.

Ever since singer/songwriter Aubrey Toone released her "Lows" EP in October of this year, I have had it front and center on my heavy rotation. It's clear that Aubrey dove deep into her most vulnerable thoughts and emotions when she wrote the lyrics of these four amazing songs. The beautiful masterpieces that make up this EP are relatable, emotional and incredibly catchy as well, making for a listening experience that keeps you hooked the whole time.

Prior to the release of the EP, I heard her perform these songs live as stripped down, piano versions. I was amazed to hear how they sounded as fully produced modern pop songs. Aubrey's technique and expression in her singing also seems to improve with every release she puts out.

The title track "Lows", is an anthem for all who are trying to find a sense of purpose in hard times. There couldn't have been a better year for Aubrey Toone to give us a work of art like this. Its message is validating and comforting for anyone experiencing trials, and I believe every person on Earth has faced those during this crazy year.


Aubrey Toone Lows